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 Questions & Answers:


What is the difference between Ombre and Microblade brows? 

Ombre powder brows are one whole tattoo which has natural characteristics.  They start in the bulb as light and airy, and get darker and more defined as they go out toward the bottom, the arch, and tail of the brow.  This style is beautiful on everyone, and ideal for a person with oily acne prone thick skin, or mature aging skin.  

Microblade brows refer to the tiny individual hair stroke tattoos.  Microblading is best for a youthful, normal to dry skin type.  

If you don’t know which type to get and are trying to schedule your appointment, please schedule whichever one you think is more appropriate and drop me a note in the appointment.   It doesn’t matter very much which one you schedule as the appointment time frame and cost are the same for both techniques. 

What do I need to do before my appointment?

If you can come in on a walk in day within two weeks before the procedure, I can wax your brows to get them ready.  But if you can’t I prefer you wait to do anything with your brows before coming to see me.  

For best tattooing results with any permanent makeup, please refrain from excessive sun exposure 30 days prior and after the procedure, coffee, OTC pain meds, and alcohol for one to two days before the procedure (if you’re a huge coffee buff like me I get it! Just have one cup of coffee!).  Refrain from retinoids within two inches around the area for six weeks prior, please also keep botox greater than ten days out from your procedure and fillers in the area at least three months out.  For liner and brows, refrain from growth serum four to six weeks before and after the procedure as the ink will not retain as well.  If you are pregnant or nursing, please let me know as we cannot do your procedure until neither condition applies to you. 

Can I get Permanent Makeup while Pregnant, or Nursing? 

No this poses risks, and we will need to postpone your procedure until after you are in neither state. 

Does permanent makeup hurt? Topical numbing creams are used to keep you as comfortable as possible. I cannot guarantee the procedure will be 100% pain free therefor if at anytime you feel the numbing is wearing off, PLEASE speak up so that more can be applied.  Many clients do not even know the procedure has begun, many actually fall ASLEEP. It feels nothing like getting a body tattoo.  

How long do Permanent Brows, Lips, and Eyeliner last?  Expect Eyeliner and Lips to last anywhere from two to five years after your 8 week touch up.  Permanent Cosmetics do fade over time, but Permanent Makeup is a process, and every few years, a touch up will likely be necessary.  

To keep your permanent makeup looking fresh for as long as possible, wear sunscreen.  I recommend daily application with an additional application of sunscreen chapstick for your brows and or lips.  Also avoid exfoliants and Retinoids within two inches around your permanent Makeup, to avoid excessive fading or discoloration.

Permanent Brows will need a touch up about one year after.  The next touch up will be after two more years. 

How do I pick shape and color?  YOU Don’t! This is why you’re coming to me!  But in all seriousness, I take everything I see and know about you into consideration, including how you prefer your brows, how you wear your makeup, your style, and what you tell me.  At your initial appointment, I shape your brows taking into consideration your existing shape, but adjusting them to where it will be most flattering for you.  we go over pigments and shape together. I will test various colors across your forehead to compliment your skin tone, and match your existing brow hair.  Next, I will draw on both brows while measuring according to your features. I provide ample opportunity for you to give me your input throughout the shaping process. I will have you look at your brows several times and once you give me the go ahead, I will begin. The actual procedure is around 45 minutes.

How do I care for my new Permanent Makeup? Aftercare will be gone over verbally during the appointment. Written aftercare instructions will also be given to every client so they can reflect back on anything they missed during all the excitement and nervousness.  

Is after care optional? NO!!!! In order to achieve your desired results, aftercare instruction need to be followed 100%. This means cleansing only as instructed as well as using the provided After care balm and returning for your refinement appointment in a timely manner (6 - 8 weeks is the prime window). Not following instructions can result in additional appointments, or "not optimal" results. Please read your paperwork.  In the first week, expect slight scabbing and “chipping” in some instances.  It is extremely important you do no pick pluck or pull off these scabs and to let them fall off themselves.  

Is my natural hair removed before permanent makeup? NO. Any hair OUTSIDE of your new brow design will be removed with either wax, tweezing or shaving - unless you prefer me to leave it.

How long does the procedure take? Your consult/first application should take 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours. You will return for the refinement appointment 6-8 weeks later. This appointment is 1-1 1/2 hours.

How long will my new brows take to heal? Your brows will go through two healing phases, internal and external. The external healing ranges anywhere from 3-10 days. During this time it is extremely crucial to follow aftercare instructions to achieve your desired results. Internal healing takes a solid 4 weeks to complete hence the refinement appointment being a minimum of four weeks after initial application. The brows can not be touched until all healing is complete. You may feel your brows are playing the "disappearing act" during the internal healing. This is normal!!! Trust the process.

Is Microblading semi-permanent? The word semi-permanent in many cases is used to describe Microblading. The reason for this is that Microblading soften and fades over time unlike body tattoos. However, the microblading concept is the same as a body tattoo. Pigment is deposited into the skin. A manual hand tool is used verses a tattoo machine but color is implanted into the dermis. Microblading is an advanced form of cosmetic tattooing/permanent makeup/micropigmentation. If you do not receive color refreshes over time, the microblading will soften and in some cases will be undetectable over time. 

Are Ombre Powder Brows Semi Permanent? 

I use an iron oxide ink, which is forgiving, and actually fades away over time as opposed to many other inks that are carbon based and sit in the skin, turning grey or other colors.  The likelihood that it will fade away completely isn’t as likely as significant lightening over time, which is why a touch up is needed every so often, meaning every 1 - 3 years over time.  

Is there down time after the procedure? Will I look crazy? NO!!! In most cases, you will be slightly pink initially, 1-2 hours. Occasionally there will be minor, temporary swelling which again lasts 1-2 hours. Some clients will form a white halo around the brow during the procedure which is caused from the numbing agent. This disappears as the numbing wears off, 30 minutes-1 hour after completion. On day 3 or 4 you may have some light shedding or flaking. This is normal and generally not noticeable to other people.

Will my brows be dark at first? Sometimes the brows will start off darker and lighten as they heal. This is not always the case. I always tell my clients to expect for the day of to be dark, the next day to be even darker, and then they start to lighten. I always start a brow client out with a bit of a daintier and lighter ink so they do not experience such initial brow shock in the first appointment, and the ink does fade about 20% and depending on other factors, maybe even lighter in some circumstances, however at your touch up, I will darken and or ad some thickness if we feel it is necessary. 


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