The ultimate brow fundamental class!  Suitable for both beginners and experienced artists.  Learn everything you need to give your customers the most beautiful brows!

  •  Learn Ombre Powder and Machine Hairstroke Brows, AS WELL AS handling Corrective Issues, including with Saline Removal and Color Correction. 
  •  Be Fully prepared and comfortable for your first clients out on your own!
  •  6 live models
  •  Color Theory 
  •  Needle and Machine Theory 
  •  Skin Types and how they affect your procedure and protocol
  •  Photo Taking 
  •  Customer Management - Learn how to properly chart your customers; discern different customer situations and how to handle them. Complete Customer Chart packs are provided to use for your own business. 
  •  Advertisement and Business Building 
  •  15 minute Brow Shaping, Customizing, Mapping
  •  Get started before the class, so you're prepared to work on people with an online Pre-Course 
  •  Coffee, breakfast treats and lunch included 
  •  Ongoing support after the class 
  • 10 a.m.  - 6 p.m. all five days; 2 extra days of shadowing.  Shadowing dates TBD.
  •  Option of further apprenticeship after full course completion (there is an extra fee for this option)
  •  Class is $6000. You may either pay $1000 up front, half up front, or all of it up front. Half payment is due two weeks before and Full Payment is due the day before class starts. 
July 18th - 22nd
August 22nd - 26th
September 19th - 23rd